Last update:Wed, 08 May 2024

Media Release - Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Peiris addresses Colombo based Diplomatic Corps on the present situation in Sri Lanka

PeirisDiplomatsThe Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. G. L. Peiris briefed the Colombo based Diplomatic corps on 2 June, 2022 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his address, Foreign Minister Prof. Peiris outlined the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka and the challenges encountered by the Government which included pressing issues such as shortage of fuel, gas, essential pharmaceutical products and power cuts.

The Foreign Minister also detailed measures taken by the Government to address the situation in this regard and called
on the envoys to extend their fullest assistance at this time of need. In his address, he referred to the 21st Amendment to the Constitution that is before Parliament and outlined some of the key features of this important legislation.

Foreign Minister Peiris expressed his appreciation to the Diplomatic Corps for their participation and requested the envoys to extend their support and goodwill during a particularly challenging phase in Sri Lanka's recent history. Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe and Secretary to the Ministry of Finance Mahinda Siriwardana, made brief presentations and responded to questions. Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aruni Wijewardane was associated with the briefing.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo, 2 June, 2022