Last update:Fri, 27 Mar 2020


Special Request by the Government to Sri Lankan Expats

The Government urges Sri Lankan expatriates who wish to return to their motherland to safely remain where they are now until the risk of the COVID-19 virus will be minimized. The Government has taken several effective initiatives to prevent the spread of the pathogen. In order to stop the virus from coming into the country and its spread, the Government had completely banned overseas arrivals. Other countries in the world too have taken similar steps and suspended travelling within the country as well as foreign tours.

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Statement by Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry on death of Sri Lankan National in Switzerland

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin has informed the Ministry that the Swiss authorities have confirmed that the Sri Lankan aged 59 years who died in Switzerland on 25 March had been tested positive for COVID-19 . The deceased was from Punkuduthivu in Northern Province and held residence permit in Switzerland.
Ministry of Foreign Relations, Colombo, 27 March 2020

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Welcome to “Contact Sri Lanka” Online Portal for Overseas Sri Lankans

The Ministry of Foreign Relations welcomes all Overseas Sri Lankans who reside or travel overseas for studies, employment or other reasons to register voluntarily on “Contact Sri Lanka”. Registering online in the web portal will allow the Ministry to reach out and provide assistance during emergencies such as the COVID19 outbreak. This Portal will connect Overseas Sri Lankans with stakeholders in Sri Lanka and the network of Sri Lanka Missions abroad. In the long term, the Portal is expected to serve as an official source of information and will facilitate Overseas Sri Lankans to obtain services offered by the Government.

Find our more on https://www.contactsrilanka.mfa.gov.lk/


Extension of Sri Lanka Visa

Due to the spread of the Covid-19-virus in the country, it has been decided to extend the validity period of all types of visa issued to all foreigners, who are currently residing in Sri Lanka.

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Message (No. 03) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

According to instructions received from Sri Lanka Health Authorities, all international airports in Sri Lanka will be closed for operation of inward international commercial passenger flights (i.e. arrivals) with effect from 0400 hrs. on 19th March 2020 (local time in Sri Lanka) until further notice.

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Restrictions in the provision of Consular Services

In view of the present circumstances of the continuous spread of Coronavirus in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin and the Consulate General of Sri Lanka am Main in Frankfurt, after taking into consideration the present situation, and in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Sri Lanka, have decided to limit the consular services provided to Sri Lankans, commencing from 16.03.2020 until further notice.

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Hotlines for emergency contacts on Covid-19 in Germany

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin has established hotlines for emergency contacts for Sri Lankans living in Germany to seek assistance with regard to Covid-19. Please find the information in Sinhala and Tamil.


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