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How to apply for a new passport in lieu of expired (lapsed) passport

Please note that everybody who visits the Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin for consular work must have a prior appointment from the Embassy. You can obtain prior appointments only through the application appointments.srilanka-botschaft.de..

Please also note that the Embassy will contact Sri Lankan citizens in Germany for status update of their applications only through above mentioned contact points. The Sri Lanka Embassy in Berlin *will not take the responsibility for any communication sent from other contact points*.

Validity of Sri Lankan passports can be extended for a maximum of ten (10) years from the date of issue. After the 10-year expiry of the passport, a new passport must be obtained.  Passports are issued by the Controller of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo, Sri Lanka and NOT by the Sri Lanka Mission in Germany. All passport applications accepted by the Mission are sent to Colombo for issue of machine readable passports. When the new passport is received from Colombo at this Mission, it will be duly forwarded to the applicant. This complete process approximately takes three to six months, IF: the applications are correctly filled in and the supporting documents are in order. IF NOT, or if Sri Lanka I&E requires further details we will contact the applicant as required. In this case the process may take longer. To facilitate efficient processing of all applications, we kindly request you to cooperate with the Mission.

Applicants who come for citizenship services are required to bring two (2) photocopies of the relevant documents necessary for passports, birth registrations and name changes after divorce or marriage.

Documents required for application of new passport in lieu of expired passport:

1) Passport Applications: FORM K (IM35)
2) Supporting documents as listed below


Application Guidelines:

1.) Obtain an application form from the Embassy in Berlin


  • By Post: Please send a request letter with self-addressed stamped envelope to the address of the Embassy. Return envelope should have your full postal address and  envelope size 23 cm x 10 cm (9 x 4 inches). The request letter should mention your name, address and phone number with purpose of application. Please observe that applicants are requested to use suitable courier services for sending / receiving their passports and documents, as there have been cases of lost packages in the mail during the past months. This mission won't cover any guarantees for lost passports and documents in the mail.
  • Internet: Click here for application forms and instructions in Sinhala, Tamil and English in the Forms & Download Section of this website. 

2.) Instructions of filling the application forms

(a) Form K, duly completed according to following:

- Applicant’s signature at two(2) cages provided on Page 2. Please note that your writing should not touch the borders of the
- Present postal address and telephone number in Germany at cage 5 on Page 1
- Declaration of the applicant signed on Page 2
- If application is not personally submitted at the Mission, applicant’s photograph and signature should be officially
  verified/stamped by Ausländeramt, Honorary Consulate or Notar (b) Photos and signature section of application
- Please read the instructions given on the form.
- Photo size for main applicant is 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm without the white border
- One of the photographs should be pasted on Page 1. And 2 photos should be pasted on Page 2
- Photographs should be 'direct face' and both ears must be visible. Please observe that you shouldn't wear glasses on the photographs.
- Please do not write or mark anything on the photographs. Please observe that the right photograph on the 2nd page should be stamped by an authentifying authority, for instance a honorary consulate.
- Photographs should have been taken within the last three (3) months. Photographs taken more than three months ago will not
  be accepted.

3.) Supporting documents required (original document + one photocopy of each document showing each page in full from top to bottom):

I.) Passport currently held by the applicant (photocopy must include data/name page, visa page and pages 1 to 9)
II.) The National Identity Card (NIC) of Sri Lanka. If the NIC is not available, a letter explaining the reason
III.) Original Birth Certificate of applicant, issued in Sri Lanka OR Sri Lanka Mission abroad
IV.) Original Citizenship Certificate if the applicant is born outside of Sri Lanka, and is a citizen by registration.
V.) If the applicant is a married female, original Marriage Certificate. (In case of the change of the name after marriage.)
VII.) Academic / Professional Certificates or letter of appointment issued by the employer (If the job description is required, English translation, if the original is in German).
VIII.) Self-addressed stamped envelope (envelope size 23 cm x 10 cm or 9 x 4 inches). If applicant needs an acknowledgement of the application, another SAE affixed to the value of € 0.70. Please observe that applicants are requested to use suitable courier services for sending / receiving their passports and documents, as there have been cases of lost packages in the mail during the past months. This mission won't cover any guarantees for lost passports and documents in the mail.
IX.) Documentary proof that prescribed passport fees have been paid; copy of bank payment slip.

Note: If the applicant does not possess a Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate: A certified copy of the original Birth- or Marriage Certificate could be obtained from the Central Record Room, Department of Registrar General, Maligawatta, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka. More information at http://www.rgd.gov.lk

4.) Lodging and handing over application

Option 1:

Applicant can personally hand over the application along with the supporting documents to the Embassy/Consulate office on any working day. (Please refer to Consular Division office hours and Public Holiday List available on this web site.) For details including maps and route plan please go in the menu of the website to: About Us --> Contact Us.

Option 2:

To avoid any delay in processing, it is advised that the applicant be personally present at the Embassy/Consulate General Office. However, if applicants cannot call over at the consulate personally,
Please forward the completed application form with all required documents to the Consulate Office by Registered Post. Please make sure that:

- the originals of all documents are sent along with the application form. The original documents will be returned to the applicant with the new passport.
- the verification photograph and applicant's signature should be attested by an authorised officer of the Ausländeramt of the area of your residence, or by a Notary or by the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka of your State in Germany.

- Due to high number of applications, longer processing times must expected.

5.) Biometrics

As per Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration Act of No. 20 of 1948 as amended by Act No. 07 of 2015, it is mandatory to collect the Bio Metrics from all the passport applicants.

Accordingly, all applicants have to provide their Bio Metrics – Finger Prints to Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration.

In this context, it is mandatory that those applying for passports through Sri Lanka Missions Abroad on or after 1st January 2018 should provide biometrics to the Department of Immigration & Emigration upon their first entry to Sri Lanka. The applicant's departure from Sri Lanka will only be allowed if they comply with this requirement.

6.) Payment of application fees & bank details

Fees: >>>>

Bank details: >>>>