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Calling quotations to provide catering service at National Day Diplomatic Event on 06th February 2019

KuisineThe Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin is in the process of finalizing the arrangements to hold a diplomatic function to mark the 71st Independence Day of Sri Lanka on 06th February 2019. The Embassy expects 175 persons for the above event. All the drinks will be supplied by the Embassy.

In view of the above, the Embassy would appreciate to receive quotations to provide catering services at the event. Quotations shold include charges for the following:


  • Dinner Menue
  • Starter: Mixed Salad, Fish Cutlets, Pol Roti with Seeni Sambal, Chickpeas Salad, Veggie Canapés, Pickle
  • Main Course: Saffron Rice (long grain) / Steamed Rice / Red Rice, Randoori Chicken (Breast), Masala Dose (Small), Fish Curry (Thalapath kirata), Coconut Cream Pineapple Curry, Brinjal Moju, Fried Cancun, Paneer Tikka, Papadam
  • Desser: Watalappam, Kiri Pani, Fruits
  • Expected Services from the Caterer
  1. Service Personnel - 02 Persons for serving drinks, 02 Persons for buffet
  2. Minimum no. of 10 cocktail tables with table clothes
  3. High quality cutlery and crockery for 175 persons
  4. Appropriate decorations for the buffet tables
  5. The cleaning after the completion of the event shoudl be done by the catering service.

Please be informed that there is a small kitchen at the hall to heat up foods.

Deadline for the submission of quotations: 14.01.2019

Quotations to be submitted addressed to: H.E. the Ambassador, Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin, Niklasstr. 19, 14163 Berlin