SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Extension of visas of Sri Lankans who are facing difficulties to leave Germany due to the current restrictions in international travel

CrestThe Federal Foreign Office of Germany has informed that the Immigration Authorities of the federal states will follow the simplified procedures in extending visas (Residence permit (D visa) and Schengen visa (C visa)) of the foreign nationals who could not leave Germany due to the current restrictions in international travel and the associated difficulties before the expiry of the validity of the visa or residence permit.

a) An application for an extension of the residence permit (D visa) or Schengen visas (C visas) should be submitted to the competent immigration office responsible for their place of residence before their expiry.

b) Due to the current situation, the application can be made by email. Please note that the general requirement of a personal interview for a Schengen visa extension has been exempted.

c) Complete personal details (surname, maiden name, first name, spelling of the names according to German law, date of birth, place and district of birth, gender, nationalities, passport number) to be submitted. For Residence visa the type of title and any file number of the immigration office must be specified.

d) It is advisable to keep a print out of the extension application or hold it in another form in addition to the expired title and your own passport / ID card. Until the decision of the immigration authority is made, the previous title is valid along with the application.

e) The immigration authorities have been asked to grant the extension of the departure period and to inform the applicant of Schengen visas (C visas) in writing. This written notification should be made available with the passport and visa when leaving the country.

f) The Federal Foreign Office has also informed that any third-country national who is temporarily in Germany should take every opportunity to return to their country of residence, even if this does not correspond to the original travel plans and the stay has to be shortened.

For further details, please contact the hotlines.

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Berlin
Monday to Friday (8.30 am – 4.30 pm) After Office hours and week-ends
Tel. +49 30 809 097 49 / +49 30 809 097 61 / +49 1 723 111 944 / +49 1 517 127 4166 / +49 1 609 733 7858 / +49 1 517 127 4166

Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Frankfurt (Monday to Friday and week-ends)
Tel. +49 69 660 539 80 / +49 1 515 723 1741 / +49 1 776 929 472 / +49 1 521 432 2779

Embassy of Sri Lanka - Berlin, Germany

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